torek, 06. november 2012

Joke of a day

Some of the funniest jokes of all time. Here are 3 funny jokes.

There was this sailor and this soldier that had both died in a war at the same time and they both arrived in Heaven at the same time. St. Peter came and gave both of them their wings, but he warned them that if at any given time they had any inappropriate or unclean thoughts, their wings would automatically fall off. Just as they had put their wings on, this beautiful angel shimmed passed them with a nice smile and smellying real flesh and clean, and the soldiers wings fell right off. Then when the soldier bent over to pick up his wings, the sailors wings fell off.

This young boy walks in on his parents having sex and gets pissed. His father however just laughed at him, so the the boy walks down the hall into his grandma's room and starts having sex with her. His father walks in to check on him and sees what's going on, and yells, hey man WTF. Then the son says uh hun you see it's not so funny when it's your mama is it?

There was this stripper at this bar who was notorious for her split that she did at the end of each of her acts. One day she got ready to do her act, and right before she went on stage, a cat (guy) spilled a drink on stage and it didn't get mopped up too well. So this time when she got ready to do her split, she lost her balance and hit the floor so hard that it took two hours and forty five minutes to break the suction. You should have heard the round of applauses she got when she hit that floor (LOL).

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